DJE provides innovative ILS business models and smart ILS plans, benefiting both the OEM and the User.
These models and plans significantly boost operational availability and cost-effectiveness.
The ILS plans are designed to support the life-cycle of the entire systems.
To ensure implementation success, our experts provide clients with continuous, hands-on support, both remotely and on-site.

The ILS services further include: Help Desk, On-Site Support, Periodical Health Check, All Levels of repair, Spares and Supply Support,
Obsolescence Management, Refurbishments and Upgrades, Operation and maintenance training and more.

Innovative Virtual Training and Remote Maintenance

Virtual Training System (VTS) – an innovative virtual and visual training system which is simple to use and guarantees fast interactive learning, zero training errors and cost effectiveness.

Remote Maintenance by Augmented Reality

A unique maintenance tool that enables remote live-video and live-audio support, based on cutting-edge augmented reality technology. This will allow you and your team to remotely connect with field-technicians, using a powerful annotation toolset, and complete any maintenance work quickly and accurately.

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