Quality policy is part of the organization’s business policy

The quality guide is an expression of the organization’s quality policy in ‎accordance with the requirements of the AS9100D standard.‎
The organization’s quality guide, the organization’s quality procedures, the forms ‎and work instructions define the work processes in the organization and serve as ‎tools to express the organization’s quality policy.‎
Quality policy will be assimilated within the organization through quality oriented ‎trainings.‎
The quality policy will be reviewed for updates in management surveys and will ‎be updated as necessary.‎

Quality culture

Quality at DJE is a culture of life that is about achieving the complete satisfaction ‎of the customer over time, while constantly striving for excellence and ‎professionalism.‎
In order to assimilate this culture, the organization will integrate all its employees ‎without exception in improving the quality of the organization in the ‎understanding that the quality culture is the key to the success, economic ‎prosperity and development of the organization

Management’s position in relation to suppliers and subcontractors customer relation

Every manager and employee in the organization will see himself as a customer ‎representative and will do what is necessary and possible to satisfy the customers ‎requirements honestly and fairly.‎

Management’s position in relation to suppliers and subcontractors

The organization’s suppliers and subcontractors are full partners in its activities. ‎Every manager and employee in the organization will work to cultivate the ‎relationship with them for the benefit of both parties.‎

Improvement responsibility

DJE management is willing to take responsibility, make decisions, take initiative, ‎and strive for improvement and excellence, essential values that must be nurtured ‎and instilled to all employees of the organization.‎

Continuous improvement

To achieve these goals, DJE will continue to maintain its ongoing improvement ‎of effectiveness of its quality management system.‎
The continuous improvement process will be based on the findings of internal ‎and external audits, customer feedback, data analysis of inconsistencies and ‎anomalies in the process and corrective actions.‎
In order to meet the quality goals as set by the organization’s management, all ‎DJE employees together and separately partner in the ongoing effort to improve ‎quality and achieve excellence.‎
DJE management will provide the vision, leadership and resources required to ‎achieve the above goals.‎



Shalom Lahat   CO & President

Chanan Orpaz   VP Engineering

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